A few things one should NEVER EVER say to an Infertile, especially one on Clomid

“If you can’t get pregnant, then God doesn’t want you to have a baby.”
“Maybe it’s not meant to be.”
“Stop trying so hard.”
“It’s because you’re stressed!”
“Just be thankful for what you do have.”
“Why are you making such a big deal out of nothing?”
“You wouldn’t want all this morning sickness anyway.”
“It wouldn’t hurt you to lose a few pounds.”
“You couldn’t handle 2 kids anyway.”
“Are you guys ever going to have kids?!”
“If you can’t get pregnant then it wasn’t meant to be & God doesn’t want you to bear children.”
“You know why you have such a nice house? Because you don’t have kids.”
“If it was that important to you, you would find the money to do IVF…. even if it is $6,000, you would make it happen.”
“Are you sure you want this?”
“Just give it time & it will happen.”
“Just hurry up and get pregnant so you won’t have to go to any more exams.”
“You should just stop trying and it’ll happen.”
“At least you can still drink liquor!”
“You don’t need kids.”
“Did you have an abortion in your past?”
“Why don’t you adopt? A lot of people who adopt get pregnant right after that!”
“Just relax- it will happen in time.”
“You’re stressing, that’s why you’re not getting pregnant!”
“It will happen when you stop trying.”
“You should adopt.”
“Are you pregnant yet?”
“Why are you upset? Just adopt & whatever you do, don’t get obsessed with trying to get pregnant and spend thousands of dollars.”
“You’re thinking about it too much.”
“You’re just not ready..it’s not your time.”
“Maybe you were only supposed to have one child.”
“Everything happens for a reason.”
“Would you rather have cancer?” (From a husband!)
“Quit making such a big deal out of nothing.”
“Are you crazy? Why would you want a child?”
“You need to wait. I never wanted to be a mom, and at least you have the freedom to do what you want.”
“Stop worrying about other pregnant people and start worrying about if God will ever bless you with a kid.”
“You would probably get pregnant if you weren’t fat.”
“Well honey, I’m so fertile all my husband had to do was look at me!”
“You’re young… enjoy time without kids.”
“You’re getting old. Are you barren?”
“You’ve been pregnant before, so it’ll happen again. Just give it time.”
“It’s just not in God’s plan for you now.”
“Maybe you’re not meant to have children.”
“Some women aren’t meant to have babies or carry babies.”
“Is it not about time you had a baby? You’re getting on a bit…”
“Its nature’s way!”
“It will happen when you least expect it!”
“I never wanted to have children with you anyway.” (From an ex-husband).
“You must not have been faithful to your husband.”
“You have enough time to have a baby.” ……..This was the feedback across the board, no matter what the age of the woman trying to get pregnant.
“You can have my child for a day and you will not want one.”
“You can’t get mad at people just because they ask you what the problem is.”
“Go on holiday and it will happen.”
“Just forget about it.”
“You’re lucky you don’t have any kids, you can do whatever you want!”
“Take my kids for a day and you’ll change your mind about wanting one!”
” I think that God hasn’t blessed you with a child because you don’t have him more in your life.”
“You must be bad breeding material.”
“You don’t understand because you aren’t a mother yet.”