Check up

We went for our check up at the doctor yesterday. I was 7 weeks and 4 days yesterday. Everything looks wonderful. We even got to see and hear the baby’s heart rate. It was a healthy 156. I’m over the moon about this. It was about this time in my pregnancy last time that things went south. I feel so much more calm now. I really believe that God blessed us with this pregnancy. I have full faith this is going to be a healthy and happy baby. Tony finally seems really excited too. I guess the reality that he is going to be a daddy again finally set in when he heard that heartbeat. Here are some pictures of our sweet little Peapod I can’t believe how much she/he has grown in the last two weeks. We go back for our next visit in four weeks. As long as they can hear the baby on the Doppler I won’t have another ultrasound until 20 weeks when we find out the sex of the baby. It is going to be so hard to wait that long. I’ve done a few gender prediction tests such as the ring test, the heart rate test, and Chinese gender prediction test; all say GIRL!!! Plus I have a ton of morning/all day sickness, which again says girl! And I look like crap, which the old wives tale says girl, because she is stealing all your beauty 😉 I’ll be happy whatever it is as long as it is healthy! I can’t believe I am FINALLY going to be a MOMMY!!!!



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