The 1st pic is my uterus the 2nd is the dye dispersing through and out my Fallopian tubes. All normal.




Been awhile

So it’s been awhile. This cycle was a bust. On to #16. Maybe it will be lucky ya know cause Bama is gonna win another national championship this year and that will make 16 lol. I go to the dr tomorrow and will have an hsg this month and another iui with femara and triggers. Yeah hormones. But on the bright side college football starts Saturday. It’s a religion down here 😉 and I’m ready to see the Tide roll!!!



Maybe it’s time to find a new baby. Like my new practice. Maybe I should focus on it. TTC takes time away from growing it. Besides people like me, ambitious go getters, we don’t make the best mothers, we are always too busy, and have late nights and early mornings. Our “projects” are our babies. They are just as time consuming and heartbreaking!

11dpiui and all my tests are negative. I’m tired. I have no veins left to stick. I don’t know if I can do this again another month.



1 dpiui 🙂 long days in Louisville for classes and horrible hotel neighbors lol and….. Trying to keep up with all the office stuff and patient cases