CD 11

CD 11 now and I really think I OV yesterday or the day before. CRAZY I know right. I will know more when I go back to the RE on Monday for more labs and a US. Super excited to see if I really did OV this early and how many follicles, since last US I had 6 ready to go.

Femara is soooo much better than Clomid, it’s cheaper and a lot less side effects, plus chemically it works very differently.

My RE is amazing. He has such great success rates. I know so many women that have gone to him and within a cycle or 2 were preggo. My friend went and 3 weeks later she was knocked up. So I am hoping the same for us. Honestly though if he says stand on your head or BD this way, just do it lol, cause he is very rarely wrong.

I am at work today and not loving it! I want to be home snuggly in bed. It is raining here. I went for a job interview Wednesday and I really hope I get it. So much less stress for me, more money, and right next to my RE’s office lol. I should hear something from it early next week. FX and prayers please.

Monday may be a super great day

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