Happy Father’s Day

Feeling a little sappy today lol

I am blessed to have many wonderful men that have been a big part of my life. To my own father, although our relationship has not always been the best, you are doing great with with Kyle and Rylee, and we have been doing better ourselves over the past year! To my wonderful step father, you took in my crazy mother and 4 children of which 3 were still toddlers, it takes an amazing man to do that. You have been there for me through all these years and I really appreciate that, even though I’m sure I don’t tell you enough. To my fantastic father in law, thank you for always being there, in my corner cheering me on and fighting for me, thank you for raising a wonderful man that God blessed me with for a husband, thank you for taking care of me after my surgery and just popping in to make sure I was still breathing 🙂 and thank you for being a wonderful Pawpaw to Natty and Griff. And to my Grandfather Sparkman thank you for all your time and love over the years, for instilling a love of history in me, for letting me make you wear a dunce cap and write with a teeny tiny pencil and for always encouraging me. To my Grampa McNichols words can never describe what an inspiration and constant source of encouragement that you have always been for me. I wouldn’t have gone this far un life without y’all. Thank you for showing me the world- literally! I love you and Gramma so much and can’t wait to see you in July! And your a great Grampa too! For my grandaddy Loftis in heaven, I miss you so much everyday. You taught me so much. You never once acted like we weren’t your real grandchildren. You taught me to drive, and never yelled once even though I was terrible at it and almost wrecked your truck. You were always so proud of me telling anyone who would listen about your granddaughter the nurse and then your granddaughter that was “gonna make a nurse practitioner”. I miss you calling me Shug and u wish I had spent more time with you that last year. I love and Gramma so much and miss you so much, but I am glad your together again, and we all will be someday. Last but not least, to my amazing husband. You are my rock. You have saved me from so much, and taken care of me at my lowest points. You’re and amazing father to Natty and Griff and I know you will be an amazing father to our child too one day. I love you so much! Happy Father’s Day to you all!!! I wish I could spend today with each and every one if you!

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