Weight Loss Journey

So as my hubby keeps reminding me it takes 21 times to make or break a habit 🙂 Soooo here it goes!!!!
I am doing Weight Watchers and the Couch 2 5K and will add in some plyometric type stuff too!

June 1- wt- 237.5 BMI- 37.2
June 4- wt- 233 BMI- 36.5— waist-50″-hips-50″-thighs-28″-calves-18″-arms-15″-bust-46″

and now….. the before pictures…. I look awful:(





One thought on “Weight Loss Journey

  1. How are you finding WW? I have the online subscription but to be honest I have avoided it like the plague and I find myself sitting slumped on the sofa in my snuggly man-sized pj’s all the time.

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