CD 6

So today is CD6 and Day #3 on Clomid aka THE DEVIL DRUG! It’s not too bad I suppose, bad hot flashes and some mood swings, but other than that not too terrible bad. Headaches and dull crampy pinching feelings in my lower abdomen. I really hope that this helps this month. I am starting to get really moody and cynical about EVERYTHING, and that is frustrating, because I don’t want to be that way at all, but somedays I just can’t help it. T is being supper spportive, and I thank God everyday that I am so lucky to have a husband like him, even though he annoys the crap outta me sometimes, I still love him with all my heart and soul. I don’t just want a baby, I want HIS baby. His nose, my eyes, his height if a boy, or mine if a girl, his athletic ability, and common sense, my book smarts, both of our good looks, my musical talent and singing ability, the perfect combination of us both. Somedays it’s hard not to cry when I think about it, especially when it is slow and I am not busy, it just hurts so bad, month after month. I am lucky to have an awesome support system of friends, especially at work and that helps a lot. Alright pity party over now!

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