How we met

547641_10101385417010275_1465072892_nTony and I met back in February 2012. We had our 1st date on Valentine’s Day. It was supposed to just be a fun date to get us both back on the dating scene. My boss at the time, who is also one of Tony’s best friends asked me to go on a date with him and at least let him get to second base lol OMG! I went- he didn’t get to second base though lol. In the beginning we would talk on the phone for hours every night, into the early morning. I knew from the start he was the one for me. We got engaged later that year in Memphis on Beale Street right in the middle of everything. It was wonderful. And tomorrow I marry my best friend. We have had our ups and downs and more stress and drama than I ever imangined over the past year but in the end it has all been worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing.

One thought on “How we met

  1. How romantic! You guys look perfect for one another – hope your TTC journey isn’t much longer. Good Luck! x

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